July 14, 2022

Tips in Dosing Weed Edibles

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the consumption of edibles. This can be attributed to the many benefits that they offer including greater discretion and longer-lasting effects than smoking cannabis. However, when it comes to dosing weed edibles, there is still much uncertainty. This article will provide tips on how to dose weed edibles for optimal results.

Know Your Body

Think you know how high your tolerance is? Think again. The variables such as someone’s age, body mass index (BMI), gender, and metabolism can all impact THC levels in our bodies over time which will lead to changes seen when consuming cannabis-based products like edibles or tinctures – some people find they need more than others! 

Whether you’re a first-time edible user or have tried many brands before, it is always best to remain cautious when trying something new. The body’s response will vary from person to person and even depending on what type of product they consume; this can lead some individuals to feel more intense than others following their ingestion – especially if there are several different types in one sitting!

Eating Before Consuming Edibles

Going into the experience on an empty stomach is far from being a good idea. You’ll want to wait until your body has had time for all of its receptors and enzymes that are needed when digesting food so you don’t end up feeling sick or intensely high because those won’t happen if there aren’t any nutrients entering our bloodstream through digestion first.

The side effects of edibles are often nausea and discomfort, which can be prevented by taking the medication with food. You should also avoid taking an edible on an empty stomach because this will lead to too fast absorption leading to some negative reactions for people who use them recreationally or medically.

A lot like prescription painkillers that have been known to cause feeling sicker when taken without eating first; similarly if you eat something before consuming marijuana it’s much less likely they’ll happen at all!

How Long Ago Did You Consume the Edible?

The effects of cannabis can take some time to be felt, so it’s important not only when starting out but also for long-time users. Without an existing tolerance, you’ll want to wait before deciding that a dosage hasn’t had enough impact on your body.

It can be hard to know how much THC will make you feel effects, so it’s best if we begin with 10-20 milligrams and see what happens. If the desired effect isn’t happening at all or is too minimal for your liking then take another dose until 45 minutes have passed since the first one! This allows time for adjustment to ensure satisfaction without rushing through any part of this process too quickly which could lead to someone getting more than they bargained on when starting new edible experiences.

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