Outlaw Edibles Syrups 1000mg

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Outlaw Edibles Syrups 1000mg


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Hand crafted infused edibles

Nor Cal’s finest

This THC syrup is thee best in the west! Great addition to cocktails and desserts. Simply delicious as a spoon full.

This delicious and potent syrup is a second to none quick hitting edible. Sure to provide you the ideal high for enjoyment relaxation and optimal sleep. This one is a quick creeper and sure to ease any pain and ailments you may have. Its a great hybrid edible with and even keel of indica and sativa. Effects of sativa are prominent once it starts with an uplifting spirit and lots of laughs but sure to ease the body and mind towards the peak of the high providing indica effects. The “come down” is effective enough for an easy restful night. You may wake up as happy and high as you did climbing into bed.



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