September 15, 2022

How to Sober Up From Cannabis Fast

If you’ve ever indulged in too much cannabis, you know the feeling of anxiety and paranoia that can come with it. Not to mention the cottonmouth and general lethargy. In this blog post, we’re going to share a few tips on how to sober up from cannabis fast. So read on if you need to be productive again in a hurry!

Consume CBD

Some people find that CBD oil or another product containing Cannabidiol works well when they are feeling anxious after consuming cannabis. Since the cannabinoid tends to balance out any negative side effects caused by THC, like anxiety and paranoia for example -this could be an effective way of calming these symptoms down if you’ve taken in too much marijuana recently!

Black Peppercorn

Black peppercorns are a natural way to tone down the effects of cannabis. The terpenes in black pepper, especially beta-caryophyllene can tame psychoactive THC which causes feelings like anxiety or panic for some people when they use it recreationally with their medication – so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by these side effects then taking some pepper might be just what you need!

Black peppercorns have been used as an instant remedy for those experiencing marijuana euphoria. Many people say that chewing on or sniffing the spice provides almost magical relief, so if you’ve got some in your kitchen – this method is worth a try!


Ibuprofen may help you sober up from weed more quickly if taken in tandem with cannabis. A study found that anti-inflammatory medications such as this one, along with THC can reduce the negative side effects of smoked marijuana and speed your recovery time!


Citrus fruits are not just tasty and refreshing, they also have some pretty cool health benefits. The rinds of these citrus favorites contain high levels of limonene which can be calming when consumed after using cannabis too much!

If you’ve used too much cannabis, drink some juice made from lemons or oranges. The limonene in these fruits is primarily found on their rinds so if it’s what you’re looking for then eat an edible piece of peel instead! However, eating whole pieces may not always be delicious but they are perfectly safe and provide many health benefits including being rich sources of vitamins A & C as well as fiber which will keep your digestive system running smoothly all day long

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