September 13, 2022

How Long Does A Cannabis High Last?

There’s no doubt that cannabis can produce a powerful high. But how long does that high last? And what factors influence how long it lasts? In this post, we’ll take a look at the science of cannabis highs and explore what contributes to their duration. We’ll also discuss some strategies for prolonging or shortening the effects of a cannabis high. So if you’re curious about how long your next high will last, read on!

Method of Consumption

While the amount of THC you consume will impact how long effects last, there’s another factor that can have an even bigger effect on your duration: method. Edible cannabis products typically contain twice as much measurable cannabinoid content than inhaled forms do and so they provide those benefits for longer periods without needing to take additional doses or actions in between meals because marked cannabinoids quickly distribute throughout our body after eating.

The duration of effects of cannabis is similar regardless if you smoke, dab or vape. On average it takes about four hours to recover after taking 20mg through inhalation with some people feeling less impacted for as little as three hours.

The average time it takes to stop feeling the effects of a 20 mg edible is eight hours. This duration is much longer than inhaled forms but this could be due in part because you are eating something instead so there’s an additional delay between when your brain gets accessed by THC and when those feelings start becoming less intense or absent altogether.

THC Dosage

The effects of THC last as long, if not longer than you are experiencing them. In other words- the higher your dose and therefore exposure to this psychoactive chemical compound within your body -the more prolonged that sensation will be!

THC is one of the most studied cannabinoids out there, but it’s also often misunderstood. Low doses can affect someone that would be considered “high” for another person – meaning you should consider your body when deciding how much THC to take to get the desired result.

Individual Body Response

The body’s response to cannabis can vary greatly between individuals. This is because of genetic makeup, metabolism rate, and tolerance levels for THC – the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that produces feelings like relaxation or anxiety when consumed.

It’s important to know your tolerance level and the effects of different strains. For example, someone who has been smoking cannabis for years might experience very little from it while others can have quite an effect depending on their body size or chemical composition in terms of what they’re used to.

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