July 28, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Drying and Curing Cannabis

Drying and curing cannabis is an important step in the process of producing high-quality bud. It’s necessary to dry cannabis properly so that it doesn’t rot, and to cure it properly so that it maintains its potency and flavor. There are a lot of different ways to dry and cure cannabis, but not all of them will produce good results. In this blog post, we’ll explain the basics of drying and curing cannabis, and tell you how to do it right. Stay tuned for more information on how to improve the quality of your bud!

Drying Cannabis 

After harvesting, all the freshly cut cannabis plants are dried immediately. The most common way this is done is by hang-drying using an environmentally controlled space with 70 degrees F air and 40% humidity or less (though it should be noted that increasing heat to quicken drying may lead you to burn terpenes). A moisture meter will also help determine when your bud has reached optimal levels so as not to cause them to evaporate before curing begins! Whether you decide to dry or wet trim your cannabis leaves will determine the setup time for this process.

Dry Trimming

Dry trimming is the best way to ensure your flowers last as long and look their brightest. After being watered, and dried out for about 7-10 days they’re hung in an area with good airflow where it’s allowed time to completely cure before handling or cutting into them!

Wet Trimming

Once the plants are harvested and trimmed, they’re spread out onto drying racks. This method normally takes about two to three days but can be discouraged because it rushes through this stage which could negatively impact the flower’s quality.

Curing Cannabis

Curing is the process by which humans preserve and store different kinds of meats, vegetables, and plants. It just happens to also be a super important detail in cannabis cultivation – without salt or sugar used during this step! 

The first part: drying out your weed with ample airflow and then laying it flat-side down on paper bags will help kill any bacteria that may have been present at harvesting time as well as protect against insects.

Curing can dry and help the slightly remoisten flower to ensure an optimal balance of moisture. The average curing time followed by most growers commercially or otherwise is 3 weeks but this varies based on where it’s grown as well as preferences for consumers who enjoy drier flowers among other things like quality cannabis after 6 months of drying time in storage.

Cannabis is a wonderful plant with many uses. When it’s grown correctly, the potency of your cannabis flower will be much higher and you can enjoy every second! To get this great harvest some precautions need to be taken beforehand like ensuring proper drying & curing processes that were not done properly during production time leading up until consumption. I’m sure we’ve all had experiences where someone grows marijuana plants but then doesn’t dry them enough or cure them long enough resulting in lower than expected yields (or even worse – moldy buds).

How to Cure Cannabis 

The process of curing cannabis involves several steps that are dependent on the size and type of production method for farms. What works well in a personally grown cannabis won’t necessarily translate well to larger commercial operations.

To ensure the best quality, you must maintain certain conditions while curing. There should be little to no light exposure with temperatures kept below 70 degrees F and 55-60% humidity for your flowers’ flavors to come through properly! You’ll want to check on these regularly so as not to let them get too hot or moistened by rainwater but also make sure they’re ventilated at various times which helps release gasses from within the product before removing its toxins via “burping.”

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