August 1, 2022

Best High THC Weed Strains

When it comes to cannabis strains, there are a variety of different types with various levels of THC. Some strains are more potent than others, and some provide a more intense high than others. If you’re looking for the best high THC weed strains, here are some of the best options.

High THC Sativa 

The Sativa strains are the more energizing and heady variety of cannabis with a strong clean buzz. However, there’s plenty to choose from that doesn’t fit into this category or has different effects when using them depending on your sensitivity level for THC content in plant matter which comes from various cannabinoid profiles rather than classifications based on potential psychoactivity levels.

Ultra Sour 

The most potent strain on today’s market is Ultra Sour with an average 20-25% potency rating! It will give you fresh mental stimulation and space for your thoughts. The myrcene gives off that lemon flavor without any artificial chemicals used in production, which makes this a ladies’ favorite among those who enjoy creativity or energy boosts from their cannabis consumption sessions.


With a THC level of around 16-24%, this strain provides you with less psychoactive effects than Ultra Sour. However, it still has some because high levels in different terpenes like myrcene give off an aroma similar to fruits such as mango or hops which gives someone who enjoys smoking pot their desired effect without feeling too “high.”


L’Orange is a strain that’s been known to help stimulate creativity. The average THC level ranges from 25-30%, while CBD barely registers at less than 1%. It also contains some phytocannabinoids, but their dominant terpene seems like it would be perfect for stimulating your mind with creative thoughts!

High-THC Indica 

The Indica strain is often associated with a more relaxed and sedating effect. However, not all types of this cannabis will necessarily lead to these effects! It depends entirely on your individual experience with marijuana – so take it slow if you’re new or just want an altered state of mind for medical purposes.

Gas Monkey

With THC levels typically averaging 20-26% and CBD less than one percent, this strain tops high potency breeders. The big doses of myrcene offer spicy herbal flavor with potential mental boosting when consumed orally or smoked which makes it an excellent choice for those looking to get their mind right!

Yoda OG

When you’re looking for that perfect high, look no further than this indica dominance of this strain. With an average THC level around 24% and myrcene giving off that signature Eastern smell common among many Indicas; it’s easy to see how these two ingredients will leave your mind clear while bringing about happiness in all aspects possible!


Scones is a potent strain that will likely get you high because it contains both THC and CBD as well as an aromatic terpene called limonene. This makes for one happy user, but not necessarily in the traditional sense!

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