August 31, 2022

8 Productive Things You Can Do After Smoking Weed

Are you looking for ways to be productive after smoking weed? Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do that will keep you busy and help you get things done. From creative activities to productivity hacks, read on for 10 productive things you can do after smoking weed.

Make Art

Make art! Whether you’re a painter, sculptor, or writer – it’s time for some new inspiration. Get high with friends and create something amazing after smoking weed together; we guarantee that this will be one of your best sessions ever.


Cannabis can make the most boring tasks more fun, so it might be a great motivator for vacuuming or cleaning out your fridge. A little cannabis goes a long way when you’re getting down and dirty in there! If all else fails, put on some music that will take things up a notch.

Work Out

They say that cannabis can help you get in the mood for your workout, but did you know it has other benefits? From yogis to runners- people have discovered a little bit of weed before their exercises will increase focus and make them feel more comfortable while also improving recovery time. Not only does this mean less post-workout soreness but sometimes even greater results than expected!


The tendency for the imagination to run free after smoking cannabis makes brainstorming a super productive post-sesh activity. Grab your pen and paper (or electronic device) so you can take notes on all those crazy ideas filling up that little head of yours!

Organize Drawers

If you’ve been putting off organizing your drawers because they seem like such a bother, then this is the perfect project for you. You can go full-Kondo or just do what works best with how much time and energy that’s available!

Get Lost In A Conversation

Since cannabis can have such a wide range of effects, it’s important to explore what your mind is thinking about when you’re high. Some people find themselves venting or analyzing their work life while others may get lost in philosophical conversations – but all those things are great! The THC helps us verbalize our thoughts and feelings without reservation so that the effects don’t stay bottled up inside anymore.

Learn Something New

The more you learn, the better. And what’s even better than learning something new? Discovering an interest that takes your curiosity to a whole other level! Whether it be documentaries or YouTube tutorials – there are so many ways for us all to share our passions with others and grow together as individuals through shared experience

Go For A Walk

When you’re feeling like your brain needs a break, go on an adventure! Hiking or taking walks in the neighborhood can do wonders for helping contain those yummy cravings. You might even experience everything from the warmth of the sun to silence in all new ways because they are so sparingly experienced normally.

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