September 22, 2022

5 High-Energy Weed Strains to Help You Fight Fatigue

Are you feeling run down and drained? Feeling like you can’t get motivated to do anything? You may be suffering from fatigue. And while there are many potential causes of fatigue, cannabis may be able to help. Check out these five high-energy strains that can help you fight fatigue and get your life back on track.

Durban Poison

If you’re looking for a stimulating and clear-headed high, look no further than Durban Poison. It has little to no of the numbing effects associated with other cannabis strains while still giving off an energetic sensation that will leave your mind ready for anything!


When you unscrew the lid on Jillybean’s jar, a sweet fragrance fills your room. The aromatherapy provided by this company is just a bonus to its already uplifting effects; it makes one feel like they are flying with newfound inspiration!

This little daytime fix is great for when you need to be social or productive. It gives a nice uplifting head buzz, but never weighs down your body with anything! You’ll feel motivated and happy after consumption which will lead to an energetic day ahead of work.


While some people find THC to be stimulating and put them into a state of forgetfulness, others suffer from anxiety or paranoia when exposed to too much. Luckily there are also high-CBD strains like Harlequin which provide an almost weightless sensation without any psychoactive effects making it perfect for those who need clear-headed cognition but don’t want their memory impaired by cannabis use!

Ghost Train Haze

This strain is best saved for cannabis veterans and heavyweights. With a THC content high enough to put this on our list of strongest strains, you can count on quite the euphoric ride when riding aboard Ghost Train! Those who can hang with extra-potent sativa effects expect their mind’s eye to be visualized while outdoors enjoy an inspiring buzz that inspires appreciation in what surrounds them, especially nature.

Green Crack

The high from this sativa is a godsend for those of us who need an extra boost to get active. Though some may find the raciness too much, it’s beneficial in stimulating desires and fueling laughter with friends when consumed during social gatherings or at home by oneself.

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